Choosing the Right Anniversary Gourmet Hamper

Choosing the right Anniversary Gift Basket

So the Anniversary date is looming, you have the night planned and the invitations have been put in the mail. Everything is organised and many of the guests have made their RSVP. All you need now is a gift to match the occasion. It is no mean feat to find a meaningful and valued gift for the anniversary couple who are, to put it delicately, at an established stage of life. That’s where the Hunter Valley Hampers Gourmet Gift Basket is a definite option as a useful, tasteful and visually spectacular gift that will rightly hold its own at the Anniversary table.
Hand assembled to suit your exact requirements, a Gourmet Gift basket is a collection of savoury and sweet products, like chocolate, wine, fudge, shortbread, crackers, jam, relish, honey and of course a generous basket to reuse over and again. Once assembled to your requirements, the gift basket is a display centrepiece and an object of art in itself. Like a bunch of flowers, except with a gourmet hamper there is the lasting value of ready to eat gourmet products.

What’s more, a gift basket is a complete “couple gift”, with specific products included for her and for him. So it is a great opportunity to pool your gift budget amongst the whole family to purchase a really generous gourmet hamper.

When it comes to choosing the right anniversary gift basket for a family member or work colleague, at Hunter Valley Hampers we recommend you keep a two key points in mind.

Organise your family members or work colleagues to contribute an amount towards the gift. Depending on the significance of the Anniversary and individual personal circumstances, a realistic contribution is anything upwards of $20. You will quickly amass a tidy sum to start your gift hamper.
Identify favoured Gourmet Items of your recipients. Ideally someone close to the anniversary couple will have some insight into their particular taste and preferences. Have them jot don some ideas and perhaps wine varietals that the anniversary couple prefer.

The reason you should stop at this point is this is where a great idea and careful preparation can go to waste. Consider this. No matter how well you think you can do it, no matter how confident you are that “making a hamper can’t be that hard”

As a Hamper Professional, we have seen countless mixed up jumbles of products with sagging cellophane and an oversize basket that people call a gourmet gift hamper! Like plating fine food at a restaurant, there is a definite skill and years of experience make a “jumble of products” into a Gift Hamper.

For real impact and that wow factor when you present a Hamper to the anniversary couple, use a hamper company like Hunter Valley Hampers to ensure the idea executes according to plan. Gift Basket companies get their stock wholesale and are able to pass on the savings, in contrast to store bought retail products and a craft shop basket which will cost more than that of a professional Hamper. Don’t forget, Gift Basket companies have a custom design facility to incorporate your favoured products.

Good luck with your anniversary gift basket and remember to trust Gift hamper companies to do the job right for you!

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