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 Fruit Baskets - The Best Get Well Gift other than Flowers?

Sending a Get Well Gift to a friend or family member other than flowers is no longer a difficult decision once you know all about Fruit baskets. Fruit Baskets are healthy, fresh, colorful and make the perfect sharing gift for a workplace or family get together. Instead of a still bunch of flowers, sharing a selection of the freshest seasonal fruit, presented in a re-usable wicker basket, and delivered right to your door makes for a convenient and edible gift idea. What's more, a fruit hamper can get your personal message of condolence or recovery across direct to the recipient. Obviously, making a delivered gift decision other than flowers is easy - next time choose a Fruit Basket.

Choosing the type of Fruit Basket that matches your occasion is important, so take some time to assess what your recipient would prefer. Sometimes a general fruit selection is best, other times you may decide to specify exactly what types of fruit you would like to make up the fruit hamper. For example, soft fruits and easy to cut up fruits will suit an older recipient.

How do I send a Fruit Basket to Hospital?

Consider what container you would prefer the fruit basket to be placed in. Some suggestions other than the basket, should be just as light and easy to carry with a built in handle. Bowls, plates and boxes are used to contain the fruit hamper, and these can add extra value and utility to the gift as they are useful in the kitchen long after the occasion has passed. My personal favorite is the wooden box, that has a delightful rustic earthy feel, and makes for a handy box for carrying barbeque equipment.

Make Your Own Fruit Hamper from Fresh Fruit

It is also worth having in mind what the occasion is and how the recipient will make use fo the Fruit basket once it is delivered. A bereavement fruit hamper will be best suited as a sharing gift for drop in visitors to the mourning family. In this case plenty of easy to eat by hand fruit makes the best gift, instead of cut fruit. Likewise, for a baby gift idea a fruit basket would be ideal filled with grapes ad smaller fruits for children and the new mother to share.

Whatever the occasion, fruit baskets make a thoughtful, personal gift for delivery, especially when flowers are not an option. Surprise yourself and your friends and family with a fruit basket next time you are part of a life event and delight in the simple, healthy goodness of fresh fruit.