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Welcome to Christmas 2015 - and from Kacy and I would just like to thank you for popping by our blog and making the time to explore our little corner of the web!  It's really great to have you here!

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First, I'd like to share with you how much of a roller coaster 2015 has been!  We have been developing new relationships with some exciting new suppliers (stay tuned) and as you may have noticed the website has evolved to a newer, fresher format.

It has been great to get away from 2014, and experience a completely new re-invention of the brand and the business.  Things are definitely on the up and it is just a good feeling to have all that growth and personal exploration behind us!

Moving on - today I am sharing some interesting facts about the psychology of Christmas.  I hope you find it interesting and take some value from it.


Giving gifts at Christmas in 2015 is such a subtle blend of timing, finding the right gift, and making the effort to connect to build a relationship with the recipient.

 But it is not always so simple - I often see people being easily offended at what is otherwise a totally acceptable gift. And in many cases this is entirely not the fault of the gift choice or the gift giver - but instead the person who is taking offense in the first place.

 Here I am sharing the best advice and tips and hints for the psychology behind gift giving and how to make your Christmas present giving in 2015 the most meaningful and successful ever. And, of course, we suggest you take the time to choose a gourmet hamper for your Christmas gift.

Adrian Furnham Ph.D asserts that "The basic trouble is that gift-giving is "showing" rather than "telling" what you think about others. Gifts are one of the ways in which the pictures that other have of us, in their minds, are transmitted materialistically. As a gift-giver, one needs to be sufficiently socially aware to know what to give to whom and when, to have confidence in one's tastes and to know that one's motives will be correctly interpreted."

This concept is most clearly demonstrated at Christmas time, when as a corporate gift giver you have the responsibility to reach out and connect with multiple clients across diverse backgrounds. Don't think that you can send them all a similar present and they will find themselves similarly delighted with the gift hamper you have chosen for them.

 It comes down to making it clear that you have made the choice for a gift basket from a point of view of goodwill and sharing and that this is the main consideration.

Furnham distinguishes five key features of gifts at Christmas time and how this impacts on the psychology of the giver and receiver of the present.

 1. Personal History: Gifts that have nostalgia value are very special. They may be an heirloom, or have been owned by a famous person. Heirlooms are likely to acquire a sort of sacred status if carefully restored. But they may equally signify a past occasion shared by the giver and recipient. They may represent a place, an occasion, or an event shared by the two that has special meaning. Souvenirs with special significance.

2. Sacrifice: Some gifts, such as hand-crafted items, take considerable time and effort to produce. The hand-carved, sewn, embroidered or painted item may be of limited monetary value, but of enormous personal value to the recipient.

 3. Surprise: The unexpected gift is special and valued precisely because it was not anticipated. The surprise might relate to when the gift is given, how it is given, or by whom. Brides describe gifts selected from a wedding list as "cold" because they lack spontaneity.

 4. Helping/cheering up others: When a gift is given with the express wish to cheer or help, it is often thought of as extremely thoughtful and useful. It is an index of care; a substitute for being there.

 5. The "perfect thing": The better people know each other, in terms of values, personality, humour and hopes, the more special and subtle they can be in choosing the perfect gift. A perfect gift is the one the recipient really wants, enjoys and appreciates, and possibly would not buy for him or herself. In short, ideal gifts are those that are still treasured after many years. The perfect gift is wanted, needed, deserved and appreciated. It has to be very thoughtfully and carefully chosen.

Maren Hennemuth agrees, saying that "Christmas is just as important for adults. Human beings are social animals, and they need rituals"  She goes on to quote Peter Walschburger who sees Christmas as "it changes our profane daily existence into a sacred fundamental experience."

Giving money instead of a gift is not recommended. "When I give somebody 50 euros, my relationship to this person is thus worth the equivalent of 50 euros," he explains. "But what does that mean, having a relationship worth 50 euros? Is that a lot or is it very little?"

 You can check out some amazing Christmas podcasts here on the Psychology of Christmas.

 For Christmas 2015, it is all about giving quality gifts handmade in Australia with delivery included.

At Christmas Hunter Valley Hampers, you can expect personal attention, one on one order focus, and a perfect experience of gift delivery for your reception. The corporate gift giving specialists have been making luxury hampers and gift baskets since 1988 and will create a m memory for the ages.

Best Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Best Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day is a time to share your appreciation and acceptance for your mother and connect with family. BY definition,  Mothers Day is a celebration of one's mother,. motherhood and maternal bonds - and despite confusion that links it to older traditions, it is strictly a 20th Century invention from the USA. 
Fresh fruit basket with real woicker basket - for mother's Day
Fresh Fruit Baskets for Mother's Day Delivery Suburbs

IN Australia, the tradition dates to Mrs Janet Heyden of Leichardt Sydney, who began bringing gifts to lonely and forgotten mothers at a state home for women.  From these beginnings - Mothers Day has come to be a family tradition celebrated in Australia as much as a family get together and to give mum due recognition.

Mothers Day Gourmet Hampers

Mothers Day is also an exploitation horror film that was banned in Australia in 1985 - it is still quite horrifying and simply offensive - you would do well not to watch the 1980 Mothers Day Film here.

For healthy, get well soon gift ideas, nothing quite conveys the excitement and vitality of a fresh fruit basket delivery  - there is a real energy and in the moment with sharing a real fruit giftbox - and it really makes certain that the recipient is eating well and looking after herself. 

Australian Gift Baskets

what to put in a wine gift basket for delivery
Delightful Selection of Gourmet Australian Foods, Condiments and Wine

If you are thinking outside the basket - you might want to choose a delightful gourmet and French Champagne fruit basket  - which is simply decadent and completes you best wishes and congratulations for a gift basket for this time of year.  What ever you decide - remember, she is your mother and she is deserving of a classic, high quality first class experience.

There are also a wealth of experiences and holiday packages available for yo to explore for Mother's Day Gift Ideas   - if that works for you.  You might like to share a meal out together, as it seems the traditional breakfast in bed is not really suitable any longer - we are all hungry for things to do and lying around in the bedroom just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Gourmet Hampers Australia

People are increasingly looking for out of the box gift ideas and something a little extra for Mothers Day seems appropriate.  Things like cheese cutters, spring vases for Japanese flower arrangements and the ageless beauty of sterling silver all work a treat for this special gift giving occasion.


#huntervalleyhampers wine gift box
Hunter Valley Hampers Wine and Jam Gift Box
Next on the Mothers Day must have list is some cool techy gadget - we've all seen the latest little thing with buttons - well here's our fave list from this season and we think you'll agree - there's never been a better time to buy a Mothers Day Tech Gift than right now. 

In other news, you may prefer to actually get outside and spend time doing some exercise and huffing and puffing your way on Mothers Day - again it's a Mothers Day Classic  gift idea - why not go for a run together and raise some cash for charity? 


Traditionally, people love the freedom and flexibility of celebrating Mothers Day on the second Sunday in May.  This year, you would be well advised to order early and order big when you choose a Mothers Day Hamper from Hunter Valley Hampers. 

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Generous Fresh Fruit Arrangement for delivery on Mother's Day
Call 1300 284 684 to place your order, or go online and browse from over thirty individual hampers and authentic gift baskets made the old fashioned way with a genuine wicker basket.

Testimonials and Online Reviews

As a small business owner we love hearing feedback about our products, service and business in general.  After all, who doesn't love talking about small business at a barbeque and how many friends and family are just plain interested in their own business.  But with all feedback - there is the potential for opinion and personal agendas and that is what I want to touch on in today's blog post.

First, some background.  We have been in business for coming up to eight years now and over this time we have had positive and negative experiences with customers and clients across all types of circumstances.  Honestly, I can say that in over ninety five percent of interactions the order, product and delivery goes effortlessly - everything performs as expected and all systems operate as designed.

Next, there are the other maybe three percent of times where there is something to complicate the order.  Perhaps a wrong delivery address is provided by the purchaser, or a delivery recipient moves from one hospital ward to another, or the courier is unable to access the property for unforeseen circumstances.  This means we have to spring into action and find solutions on the go to resolve the issue and ensure that the fruit basket arrives in a timely and presentable manner.

Again, in the vast majority, we're talking 90% plus, things are amicably resolved and the product gets to where it has to go. 

But this still leaves the odd order that just doesn't work - for whatever reason - be it the person has left for interstate by the time the product arrives, or the courier doesn't get the package to the hospital ward before the person leaves the bed.  Or the hamper cannot be delivered on the specific day due to a holiday or illness or lack of staffing.  It simply does happen in the course of business and there is little you can do about it in those rare occasions it actually hits the fan.

Now, we are prompt to offer a refund or replacement as a matter of course and in most cases this is sufficient - even if it does mean to some extent we self insure every parcel we ship in terms of having to replace or refund it if something goes astray.  That's just business and that's what keeps our margins tight.

But it is disappointing to see negative reviews - especially when you have done your best and given a full refund - and only to see the disgruntled person storm off and write a negative review in the heat of the moment when every avenue has been exhausted.  I am sure most negative review writers would cringe if they were to read what they wrote a few weeks later and feel ashamed and embarrassed at their unwarranted vitriol.  But then, that's a new aspect of business where the online review can stay in cyberspace for years afterwards and garner warning s from new customers that they are cautious for a single event that happened years ago.

So I feel better now, not justifying or explaining negative reviews away, but perhaps putting some perspective on what motivates a person to go to great lengths to write a negative review in the first place.  I am sending out my forgiveness and sympathy that the person chose this route, and offer my sincere apology that they felt so embittered and angry that venting their spleen publicly was the only way they could possibly feel as though they would avenge their anger.  To you, I say sorry, and to myself and my business, I say we will continue to strive harder and work tirelessly to avoid further incidents. 

Thanks for reading...

Christmas Hampers for Corporate Delivery

Christmas Hampers Australia
Christmas Hampers are the perfect delivered gift idea
How Christmas Hampers are great for your business.

After years designing and selling Christmas Hampers, Kacy Fletcher has learned a few things about giving Christmas Gifts in the corporate setting. 

Kacy has been making handmade hampers for Hunter Valley Hampers and shipping them across Australia since 2007. 

Working with so many different clients over the years, Kacy has discovered two amazing secrets about Christmas hampers.  And she shares them with us today.

1 - Doubt.

You know you've had a great year - business is good, you've implemented succesful strategies and made some real progress.  You want to share your joy and gratitude with you clients - but you're not sure how.  Sending Christmas hampers for the first time is a real challenge to your own doubts and feelings of worthiness.  Do my clients really deserve this?  Am I really going to send them a Christmas hamper?

"It still happens every year - we get an inquiry early in November, and put together a quote and some custom options, and everything looks good to go - but then the client stalls and we don't hear from him for weeks - until mid December. when he has finally overcome his doubt and decided to order." 

Kacy explains how clients overcome their doubt and order Christmas hampers to share with their clients, business colleagues and corporates. "And then he places the order and it's almost too late - either a product is sold out, or the shipping won't make it across Australia in time, or we are simply booked out - and the client leaves without his fully completed order.

To overcome this - Kacy urges you to get in early and order with confidence - not doubt - and ensure your good wishes and gratefulness makes it through to the people who count for you.

2 - Your Hampers Reflect your Standards

You're a smart, intelligent business person and you know your business well - but when it comes to Christmas Hampers -let's face it - you're out of your depth.  Here's the tip - see the hamper as a reflection not of how little you paid, or what a bargain you got, but instead of what values and standards you hold.

Too often the best Christmas Hamper gesture is simple ruined by sending a cheap industrial cardboard box with some ordinary, supermarket style products.  Like $7 bottles of wine - you wouldn't even drink - and crackers from the biscuit aisle, and shortbread that - let's be honest - no one ever eats...

You got them on the cheap - from a mainstream site with big advertising and imported products off the pallet...  Such a poor reflection of what you and your business stand for...

It's different when you send a precious, handmade gift.  People actually can tell instantly that this is no ordinary Christmas hamper. 

Australian Christmas Hampers

Christmas symbolizes so much more than just the end of the year, or new beginnings or time away from work.  Christmas is a time of opportunity to connect and share with people - and present yourself, your brand and your image YOUR way. 

And a really impressive, generous gesture drives home how important your respect this relationship as well as how you present your business.  Choosing handmade Christmas Hampers from Hunter Valley Hampers is the right decision.

Green Christmas Hampers

Taste Gourmet Gift Baskets
Taste Christmas Hampers
Thank You Gift Ideas
Fruit Baskets for Occasions

corporate Christmas Gift Baskets
Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets
Less Wasteful Packaging for Christmas Hampers

At Hunter Valley Hampers, business owners Kacy Fletcher is crystal clear where her motivation for green-conscious product packaging comes from - reusing! Shortly after specializing the gift baskets and gourmet hamper industry as a ground breaking entrepreneur since 2007, Ms Fletcher knows her work when it comes to delivering a Christmas hamper.

When it comes to packaging and recycling is quite shocking, and the overall state of the industry. In a gourmet hampers Australia first, Kacy explains how the illusion of size and bulk actually works against your value for money proposition. And exactly how some actually simple expert tips and tricks can ensure you get the best pamper hamper or edible arrangements for your dollar this Xmas.

Too frequently gift hampers are developed to appear as bulky as possible basically for visual appeals - with air filled packages and inner containers filling up the vast of the hamper. This brings about an advantageous impression on shipping, when the recipient is certainly surprised with what might appear to be a substantial package sitting on their doorstep.

As the hamper box is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside. Unfortunately, this approach simply works because rushed and time poor business buyers simply choose the lowest price and the biggest looking hamper setup. Kacy explains precisely why that will not work and more in this particular insightful interview.

Get Well Soon Gifts

In her time having the picnic gift basket and fruit bouquet business Kacy has seen a few of the worst instances of deceiving customers with huge boxes, loaded with goods like crackers and crisps that are mainly air filled, then saturated in a sea cellulose peanuts. This means when you strip away most of the inner and outer packaging, you end up with a half dozen items on your kitchen space bench top and half a rubbish filled with packaging. Deciding to send a basket should not mean that you are making the choice of more packaging over the right gift hamper.

Thank you gifts and Christmas Hampers for company clients are specifically susceptible to the over packaging complication, as the only people who really see within the hamper are the recipient - typically at a festive, specifically forgiving time of year. The disappointment and head scratching of the recipient is lost in the middle of the noise and excitement of the Christmas Season.

In a recent short article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists concurred that inefficient internal packaging of hampers is the primary problem. Kacy Fletcher saw this firsthand herself at Australia's home of independent handmade gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an excess of boxes in a larger size. It was much more price efficient up front to use the large cartons and just revert to even more inner wrapping than to go and source all new closer suitable containers.

Christmas Hampers Australia

Using a bigger than required size package means that freight costs are greater, but with bulk courier discounts, it can nonetheless be better to use the bigger box, pay marginally greater shipping and run out the larger cartons quickly. By doing this the hamper company avoids having to re purchase the smaller box dimension which can be a substantial impost for sending out a fruit basket. Keeping this in mind it simply works to use more inner filler and leave the recipient to have to deal with the excess packaging when the delivery arrives.

"At Hunter Valley Hampers we appreciate the exorbitant wastage that goes with most corporate and business hamper firms," Ms Fletcher states, "We have seen samples where as much as two thirds of the hamper package is loaded with styrofoam blocks - and this is from a big, trusted global firm - it's just not good enough!" Hunter Valley Hampers uses a lightweight but 100 % recycled inner filler, so recipients are not burdened with the problem of disposal of styrofoam blocks.

"One of the worst offenders is those little cellulose peanuts - they just drive me NUTZ when they spill out everywhere all over the place! They might get stuck - so I find myself crawling around on hands and knees picking up cellulose peanuts when in fact I should be relaxing with my gourmet hamper!

It is a real awakening call when rather than sending a many thanks hamper to a valued buddy or client - you are instead sending them the burden of cleaning up and chasing those peanuts around the house when they blow just about anywhere.

Hampers For Men

It is a genuine relief to know you can actually rely on Hunter Valley Hampers for realistic, recycled packing - produced from 100 % workplace paper waste - and also you will be also gifted easy disposal once you open you Christmas Hampers. When you choose other less sensitive suppliers, its a real point of difference and something you won't be blessed with. Choosing Hunter Valley Hampers never felt so good!

And how some really simple insider tips and tricks can ensure you get the best pamper hamper or edible bouquets for your dollar this Christmas.

As the hamper box is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside. Choosing to send a basket should not mean that you are making the choice of more packaging over the right gift hamper.

In a recent article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists agreed that wasteful interior packaging of hampers is the main problem. Kacy Fletcher saw this firsthand herself at Australia's home of independent handmade gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an excess of boxes in a larger size.