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After years designing and selling Christmas Hampers, Kacy Fletcher has learned a few things about giving Christmas Gifts in the corporate setting. 

Kacy has been making handmade hampers for Hunter Valley Hampers and shipping them across Australia since 2007. 

Working with so many different clients over the years, Kacy has discovered two amazing secrets about Christmas hampers.  And she shares them with us today.

1 - Doubt.

You know you've had a great year - business is good, you've implemented succesful strategies and made some real progress.  You want to share your joy and gratitude with you clients - but you're not sure how.  Sending Christmas hampers for the first time is a real challenge to your own doubts and feelings of worthiness.  Do my clients really deserve this?  Am I really going to send them a Christmas hamper?

"It still happens every year - we get an inquiry early in November, and put together a quote and some custom options, and everything looks good to go - but then the client stalls and we don't hear from him for weeks - until mid December. when he has finally overcome his doubt and decided to order." 

Kacy explains how clients overcome their doubt and order Christmas hampers to share with their clients, business colleagues and corporates. "And then he places the order and it's almost too late - either a product is sold out, or the shipping won't make it across Australia in time, or we are simply booked out - and the client leaves without his fully completed order.

To overcome this - Kacy urges you to get in early and order with confidence - not doubt - and ensure your good wishes and gratefulness makes it through to the people who count for you.

2 - Your Hampers Reflect your Standards

You're a smart, intelligent business person and you know your business well - but when it comes to Christmas Hampers -let's face it - you're out of your depth.  Here's the tip - see the hamper as a reflection not of how little you paid, or what a bargain you got, but instead of what values and standards you hold.

Too often the best Christmas Hamper gesture is simple ruined by sending a cheap industrial cardboard box with some ordinary, supermarket style products.  Like $7 bottles of wine - you wouldn't even drink - and crackers from the biscuit aisle, and shortbread that - let's be honest - no one ever eats...

You got them on the cheap - from a mainstream site with big advertising and imported products off the pallet...  Such a poor reflection of what you and your business stand for...

It's different when you send a precious, handmade gift.  People actually can tell instantly that this is no ordinary Christmas hamper. 

Australian Christmas Hampers

Christmas symbolizes so much more than just the end of the year, or new beginnings or time away from work.  Christmas is a time of opportunity to connect and share with people - and present yourself, your brand and your image YOUR way. 

And a really impressive, generous gesture drives home how important your respect this relationship as well as how you present your business.  Choosing handmade Christmas Hampers from Hunter Valley Hampers is the right decision.


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Wonderful #Christmas ideas - I hope you have a lovely holiday season.

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Here we explain why a jumble of products in a box is different to truly handmade gourmet hamper.

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When it comes down to it - a #fruitbasket is a really great answer for #lastminutegifts