Affordable Christmas Hampers - The Wooden Box

Affordable Christmas Hampers are a genuine conundrum at this time of year as businesses and corporates strive to match their dollar with a tasteful and quality gift experience. Hunter Valley Hampers have a popular solution for Corporate Christmas Hampers that meets expectations on both value for money and taste and quality - plus it has an authentic, earthy wooden feel; The Wooden Box!

A Hunter Valley Hampers Wooden Gift Box has all the features expected when making a meaningful Corporate Gift. The Wooden Box is handmade, with sand papered edges, and has a light woody aroma that percolates the gift. The Wooden Gift Box is custom made to fit exactly the size of the products placed in it so you get a neat fit and a tidy, easy to ship experience.

The Wooden Gift Box is made at a price point that is lower than many cardboard boxes of the same size, as Hunter Valley Hampers have a secret source of labour. Unfortunately, we are not able to divulge our suppliers, but let's just say they are longstanding partners with a history linking Hunter Valley Hampers that goes back decades.

For Affordable Christmas Hampers view the Hunter Valley Hampers website or call 1300 284 684 for a personal discussion of your needs.

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