Christmas Hampers Newcastle

Ordering Christmas Hampers for Corporate Occasions in Newcastle is a tricky business. There are literally dozens of out-of-town big suppliers who have the marketing muscle to bombard you with flyers and catalogues. Then there is Newcastle's Own Hampers, made since 1988 to high standards filled with local products from Hunter Valley Wine Country - all Australian made, and very affordable.
Hunter Valley Hampers have the expertise and buying power to match any catalogue hamper on price and value, and you can rest easy knowing you are supporting local region businesses and local region jobs.
For example, just this morning a customer called 1300 284 684. She was organising her Christmas Rewards for Staff and had received a gift hamper catalogue from one of the national companies. The team at her company was fixed on this particular hamper, let's call it "Xmas Special". Once we had discussed what was in the hamper, we set about building it "Hunter Valley Style".
First thing, we substituted imported products for boutique local products. Now let me explain what boutique is, as we have some customers who baulk when I mention that word. Boutique simply means, as we understand it, a small, handmade operation where there is minimal processing and the ingredients are largely stirred, cut and cooked by hand, as opposed to having machinery. Some people call it slow food. Or locatarian (where you only eat local made foods).
Secondly, don't think boutique is for high taste foodies and out of touch of your palate. Of course not! Just be prepared to actually taste the food, not the packaging and the preservatives.

Anyway, back to the testimonial; Upon viewing the photos we sent of the Hunter Valley Hampers version of the Xmas Special, she was quite impressed. Everything locally made, but essentially the same ingredients. We made the sale and the team who chose the hamper from the national company were impressed enough to join our loyalty program.

Hunter Valley Hampers. Send the Taste and Share the Feeling.

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