Gift Baskets are above all an emotion based purchase, where you are choosing to send a hamper based on the emotion you are feeling.

Here are some tips to help guide your decision

• Share your Feelings with a Personal Hand Written Note 

Hunter Valley Hampers offer a hand written Personal Message Service where we offer the opportunity to share your emotion with the recipient so you can make exactly the impression you desire.  All you need do is enter your detailed message, at Hunter Valley Hampers we encourage you to share a detailed, personal message so that you convey your message clearly and succintly. 

•Be emotional...expressing your personality

•Be being a person not a company

•Be understanding that you sell to people through people. Take time to understand the team you work with, fulfill their emotional needs so that they feel ready to concentrate 100% on fulfilling the emotional needs of your consumers

•Be standing for something or against something

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