Pizza by the slice is one of the great indulgences whilst backpacking through Europe.  Here Kacy munches on an oversize Venetian Pizza slice whilst we meander along the bustling canal front.  Of course, a simple cheese and mushroom topping is the ideal complement to the crusty base.

It wasn't long before we found our way back to the villa where we were staying.  An upstairs abode with an apt juliet balcony overlooking a timeless paved courtyard.  It did not occur to me when I had to slam the door and pull what I thought was extraordinarily hard to close it until we returned, and we could not open the door.  I tried a few times and pushed and pulled and then scoped out the rest of the block for a niche to make my way to the window.  No chance.

We shrugged and thought it best to retire across the courtyard to the (who would've guessed) late night pizza joint, staffed by a couple of affable migrants from Egypt.  They chatted with us about Australia as we waited for the pizza, and thought why not and drank a bottle of rose in plastic cups and wonky chairs on the pavement.

But we still coundn't get in.  (Continued)

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