Fruit Baskets Gourmet Alternative to Flowers

Fancy a fresh, almost-living gift that is has all the colour of nature plus the sweet taste of fruit? Let me propose the Fruit Basket, fast becoming the thinking person’s bouquet. For sure flowers have their place and will never be completely obsolete, although there is a strong case for the Fruit basket as an alternative, knowing that someone else would probably have already sent a bunch of flowers.

The Fruit Basket in 2010 – What to expect
Expect the ability for dynamic, create your on content in your Fruit Basket.
- Long gone are the days when you would deliver an oversize pineapple, some bananas, a couple of apples, and an orange in a flimsy bamboo tray. Although if you are not careful and order through vendor who are not fruit baskets specialists, that is what you might expect. If they don’t have the turnover, expect you fruit basket to be filled with handled days-old supermarket jumbo fruit without taste.

Why Florists don’t sell many Fruit Baskets
Too often the Fruit Basket is seen as the poor cousin of the traditional flower bouquet or arrangement and you will be advised against ordering a Fruit basket as there is less margin than just flowers only. When I made enquires about having a fruit basket delivered at some leading local florist I was initially dissuaded from buying a fruit basket, with incentives and discounts offered to steer me towards buying flowers instead. I can understand that the florist has an oversupply of flowers and is desperate to sell them before the end of the day, but by actively promoting away from Fruit Baskets the Florist is putting customer satisfaction second to profitability.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit
In 2010, you should expect hand picked fruit fresh for the season, which means you will not always get an identical fruit basket depending on what time of year you order. Fresh Seasonal Fruit is also available depending on transport, and weather conditions in the sub tropics, as tropical fruit can be available out of season if the supply conditions are right.

Create Your Own Fruit Basket
- The option to personalise your order has changed from being an added request to industry standard. If you fruit hamper supplier is not willing to make adjustments and add/exchange products and even the fruit itself maybe you are doing business with the wrong company. Create Your Own Hamper and Gift basket options like adding a bottle of sparkling wine or French Champagne, or adding some baby themed products to create a baby gift basket, or presenting some gourmet food and chocolates as a part of the fruit basket. As all fruit baskets are handmade to order and delivered same day, it is a mystery why some suppliers do not allow clients to customise their orders. A delivery of a fruit hamper to an older customer would need to have softer fruits and perhaps not as much fruit, maybe with some chocolate and cheese, as compared to a fruit basket for a new arrival in a young family.

As you can imagine, Fruit Baskets are the secret delivered Gift that is just building some momentum in Australia as a flower alternative. For Gift Baskets and Hampers, call 1300 284 684.

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