Christmas Hampers - Bulk Orders are Going Crazy!!

Having a great lead into Christmas 2010, with enough clients realizing the stark contrast between "Crap in a Basket" and a Premium Gourmet Hamper.

Here's some images to keep you satisfied...
 Just threw these first few as a teaser - here's our newest venture, making our fourth vintage our Hunter Valley Shiraz.  It has been a tumultuous few years, especially the torpor of 2008, but with some luck we are emerging for the 2010 vintage in a much wiser, more calm position.  Anyway, here's some of the French Oak Barrels.
 Bottling 500+ cases of wine requires some infrastructure.  You should see the gang in full work mode manning these stations!
 The 2010 vintage days after harvest.  A gorgeous Hunter Valley Shiraz that has settled and matured as expected.
 Another load of Christmas 2010 Hampers delivered, personally, to your business.
 Have a look at the quality inclusions and professional hand wrap on these Hampers.
Hunter Valley Hampers
 The convenience of the Hyundai iLoad, with twin side sliding doors, makes Hamper delivery simple.
Another Corporate Order for Christmas Hampers
Day in day out at this time of year.

 One of the "Little Helpers"

A custom hamper made for one of the many corporates who trust us with their large orders.  We welcome you to give us the opportunity to quote on you brief and we offer a marked point of difference - NO imported "Crap in a Basket" Just simply local made Gourmet Food and Condiments, Hand assembled in the Hunter Valley.

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Si may custom hampers - NEVER choose a mass produced one from the supermarket,