Promoting Products on Your Blog!

Had a great few days with the Grab One Promotion - it opened us up to so many new customers who might otherwise have not chosen to go with a local Fruit Basket Supplier. So many orders and some really positive feedback from the the recipients and senders it was a great way to end the week.

Here's what we came up with for future promotions.

Keep it simple and limit the offer to a single product

Initially we were preparing to offer a selection of hampers for the promotion. During post production one of the team suggested that it would be overwhelming and that customers would have so many ideas running through their heads, as well as competitor suggestions of the traditional favourites that they would move on.

This is like a brain explosion when the customer sees there are so many options, our promotional offer has not simplified the buying process at all, rather it has made it even harder!

So the conscientious shopper leaves the website and moves on without making a purchase! And we have missed a sale, even thought at the start of the process we engaged the buyer and she was ready to buy a hamper, just that she hadn't settled on the exact individual product.

So the tip is keep it simple - make your bestseller the suggestion and don't baffle the buyer with over the top marketing showing how clever you are and how wide your range is. Bottom line - the customer just wants to buy and get on with her life.!

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