Chocolate Gift Delivery

Chocolate is a really popular gift idea at Hunter Valley Hampers. Chocolate transcends all the barriers of age, gender, race, color, religion, language and nationality. Show a person who does not enjoy eating chocolates.


First chocolate house opened in London in 1657.
Physician and collector Hans Sloane developed milk chocolate drink in Jamaica in 1689, which was later sold to Cadbury brothers.
In 1700, mechanical mills were used to squeeze out cocoa butter that was used to make hard durable chocolate.
The modern process of making chocolates was developed after the industrial revolution.
New machines were manufactured and the product chocolate was sold throughout the world as a much liked product.


Cocoa is produced from cacao trees.
Trees grow the pods containing in it the cocoa beans.
Once the pods are fully ripe, they are harvested by cutting them from the trees.
Beans are removed from the pods.
Beans are placed in bins to ferment which gives them the famous chocolate taste.
The beans are then quickly dried.
Beans are transported to chocolate manufacturing site.
Beans are cleaned, roasted and graded.
Shells are removed to extract the nib.
Nibs are now ground that releases and melts the cocoa butter producing chocolate liquor.
Chocolate liquor is processed to give cocoa solids and cocoa butter which are used to make chocolates by mixing milk powder or condensed milk and sugar.

Production of Cocoa Beans

Around 70% of world's cocoa is produced in Western Africa.
Around 50 million people in the world are employed around the production of cocoa.
Three most dominant chocolate makers are: Barry Callebaut, Cargill and Archer Danilels Midland Company.

Types of Chocolates

Dark chocolate.
Milk chocolate.
White chocolate.

Caution for Storing Chocolates

Chocolates are sensitive to heat and moisture.
Therefore, take care to store the chocolates.
Keep them in refrigerator.
Ideal temperature for storage: around 17 degrees centigrade.
Ideal relative humidity: less than 50%.
Do not store them near other food items. Chocolates may absorb the aroma of other food items.
Keep the chocolates properly wrapped.

Advantages and Dis-advantages of Eating Chocolates

Gives pleasure.
Dark chocolate is good for circulatory system.
Brain stimulator.
Cough preventer.
Taken in large quantity, results in obesity.
It may be addictive.

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