Christmas 2011 All Wrapped Up

Another year of Gourmet Hampers Australia and another series of lesson learned, victories to celebrate and opportunities for growth.

Firstly, I'd just like to comment on the growth and change in the business - things are never static and new ideas and being creative is certainly the way to go.  Just briefly, conversely, it is a continuing source of utter frustration that we can be so blatantly copied - like our font at a certain emporium this year and our suppliers being scalped by local competitors to create incredibly similar designs to ours.  But it is not for me to pursue such trivial matters - we are confident enough in our business model to know what works, and it is simply flattering that they continue to look to us for inspiration and leadership.  So I guess in a way it is a thank you for putting us as industry leaders. 

Second, the sometimes unreasonably high expectations of clients with regards to delivery is a continuing issue.  Delivery remains an integral part of the Gourmet Hampers Australia business model, but since it is contracted out to third parties, the level of control and management at an individual order level is an ongoing challenge.  As is personally servicing individual orders whilst the item is in transit efficiently.  It is still too easy to commit phone time to a single order already shipped in peak times.

Third, the lure of producing year round gift hampers is simply no longer attractive as an ongoing concern.  Or more accurately, other business presents as a more attractive option to producing hampers in the off season - when competition is still as hot as ever but the urgency of Christmas is simply not there. 

So in all one of our most successful Christmas seasons - expertly managed and without any 'unforeseeable' variables stripping away at the peak.  Another fantastic experience, thoroughly hard work, but immensely personally satisfying considering the off-field dramas we have endured - truly a testament to our resilience and ability to evolve to situations as they present.  We wish you all the best for Christmas, and appreciate your taking the time to read my reflections.

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