Gift Baskets and Hampers

Gourmet (def) a connoisseur of the delicacies of the table.  Of a standard required by a gourmet: first rate.
From the Old French for wine merchant's man
Hamper (def) a large basket... made from cane wickerwork etc.

An Australian Gourmet Hamper in 2012 is an umbrella term that covers a fusion of ideas, inspirations and traditions.  The word Hamper covers a range of concepts from the budget supermarket selections with a pay by the month settlement, across boxes and baskets and an almost impossible range of gift ideas towards premium hampers and gourmet hampers.  Hunter Valley Hampers has identified a niche serving the upper middle echelon of the market, and we are proud to offer premium locally made food, wines, and condiments from our select group of small farmgate operators based in and around the Hunter Valley.

Across the marketplace, for example when you search for hampers on google, you will find that the gourmet hamper is a general idea of wine with savoury and sweet food products, with a multitude of so called "themed" additions most likely packed into a cardboard box.  Most likely you will see a box filled with mainstream chocolates and soft drinks marketed under the misnomer of a "re-invented" gourmet hamper.  At Hunter Valley Hampers we disagree!  In the same way that Asian fusion cuisine has become an industry joke so has the re invention of the ageless traditional gourmet hamper.  Food products in a basket as a gift idea has been with us for generations and is here to stay.

As a result of the blurring of the lines, a gourmet hamper is no longer a term of exclusivity and aspiration.  It has been hi jacked by wholesale warehouses buying in pallets of discounted imported supplies and stacking them in cheap baskets with a snappy theme and big advertising budget.  They call them Gift baskets.

Not so at Hunter Valley Hampers, where we maintain the traditional and authentic standards of a gourmet hamper being for a connoisseur of the delicacies of the table. Hunter Valley Hampers source our products from Hunter Valley Wine Country, where there is a plethora of local food providores and gourmet suppliers making their own farm gate products.  As a rule we prefer not to order from the multinational companies with pallet load discounts and special "large box small quantity" products which they target at gift basket companies.  Have a close look at competitors gift baskets, where there are particular products that are made to "look big in the basket."

Be true to gourmet, and come along with us as we order our honey from a local lady who has a half dozen bee hives on her beef property.  She collects the honey during the summer blossom time and gently treats it for market, before bottling it and delivering the honey jars by the dozen to the Hunter Valley Hampers shop.  And that's how we do business at Hunter Valley Hampers, acting as a hub for small business to sell their products on the national stage as gourmet hampers Australia.  Just like with our olive oil supplier, and our hunter valley cookie supplier, and our sourdough, and then there's the fudge, did I mention the jam and relish?  the list is growing...

Just like the wine merchant man of yore, Hunter Valley Hampers is a gourmet hamper hub for the locals of Hunter Valley Wine Country to go about their work and deliver fresh, taste of the region produce.  And that is what makes Hunter Valley Hampers true gourmet Hampers for Australia in the full sense of the word.

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