Sold Out at Christmas Every Year

It’s Official. Hunter Valley Hampers sells out every Christmas!

And in the last few days before Christmas we find ourselves knocking back orders simply because we have run out of stock.

So don’t leave it too late – make your move early and take advantage of our full stock range so you can ensure your hampers, with whatever custom specialties you prefer, are made exactly as you wish.

Every year, without fail, we get the call from a corporate client who has been let down elsewhere and wants to place a substantial order at short notice.

That’s why we urge you to take advantage of our early bird specials and make the commitment to locally produced Christmas Food hampers filled with the freshest of Australian regional produce.

It’s that simple.

Call 1300 284 684 today and share a hamper that is distinctly different – nothing you would find at the supermarket, everything farmgate fresh.


Backyard Chickens said...

Great you sold out - might need some more staff or a bigger warehouse?

Waste removal Sydney said...
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