Hampers for Christmas?

At Christmas time there are plenty of pretenders in the hamper market.

You've got your department store wannabe, filled with boxes and packets fulls of air with a little teaser sampler inside. So when you actually open all the packaging and put all the edible food aside, you find there's about 600gm of real food there - the rest of the hamper has been cardboard, packaging, smoke and mirrors.

Like popping a balloon.
Darkness and light - from my early period reading Foucault and the genius of Diderot.
No wonder they are only $45 and reduced by 50% a week out from Christmas!

Then there's the hamper the distributor makes.

Basically this one is full of expiring stock - stuff they has been slow moving over the year and can quietly be put into a bundle buy and sold as a Christmas Hamper.

This is a step up from your department store "packaged air" hamper, but not much. You'll find the same or similar brands, big boxes with little crackers and some acrid wine you can buy yourself at your local bottlo for around $7.

But they still have the audacity to call it gourmet and will probably hit you up for around $80 - $100.

So by now we have taken out half the market or more, most likely 80% of the market share.
For people who want to send something but quite frankly don't really give a shit.

Then, you come to the specialist gourmet hamper suppliers.

You can tell this bunch because they have a little paunch from tasting their boutique wares, maybe rosy cheeks from a silently sampled a bottle of wine, even a shadow of a chocolate smile from the dipped nougat they have popped in their mouth as they answered the phone.

And their hampers - from a true lover of the genre - are something to behold. Packed by hand, with attention to colour and detail, the authentic gourmet hamper is a lumbering beastie filled with heavy clunky gourmet delights from across the region.

And you can tell immediately you set your eyes upon it.
My heady impressionist days - you can almost taste the passion in my work..
Choosing a Hunter Valley Hamper is like reading from the menu at dedicated restaurant where you just know they have put in the effort to match the flavours, tastes, smells, and appearance - even the sounds of the cellophane as it crinkles open are uniquely associated with Christmas and this time of giving.

So go forth and share a Christmas Hamper from Hunter Valley Hampers and rest assured your choice to share the best and finest will be met with similar appreciation when it safely arrives at its' destination. Call 1300 284 684 to order.


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Looks like a Merry Christmas for everyone!

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