Gift Giving 2013

Gift Giving in 2013


We all appreciate the warm glow that giving and being generous inspires in us, yet in 2013 it is still painfully obvious that, on the whole, we are still more driven by “getting” as oppose to “giving”.

Just thinking about other people and expressing this through a thoughtful gesture like sharing a fruit basket can make your world a better place. It is scientifically proven that a generous attitude benefits the giver as much as the receiver.
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 Valuing Thoughtfulness
Giving a Gift Hamper is an expression of spirit, and powerfully relates that you have considered the other person’s situation and made a positive, meaningful show of support. The act of kindness costs nothing in and of itself, but the feeling of undivided attention definitely acts as a catalyst to change the way we feel.

“Giving protects overall health twice as much as aspirin protects against heart disease”
Stephen Post
, Why Good Things Happen to Good People.

Creating Great Memories
In the day to day bustle of life, where saving money is often given too high a priority, giving a Fruit Hamper offers validation, and a gesture of meaningful connection that is remembered. Too often we pause to think that it would be “nice to” send a gift, but when it comes to picking up the phone and making the call with delivery details, we find ourselves just not that emotionally available.

Give Because You Can, Not Because You Are “Owed”
Once you set aside your own feelings of resentment and being hard done by, the release of giving to a friend who is lonely, recovering from illness or experiencing a moment in life is nothing short of magic. Being appreciated as a valued friend is something that we all cherish, and despite what we may tell ourselves – something we can all afford. In this light, it is not hard to make the right decision and choose a Fresh Fruit Basket Delivered for $59.

Becoming Someone Who is Appreciative and Gracious
We all strive for self improvement and as the sales of self help books attest, the social appetite for becoming a better person is insatiable. Demonstrating your own willingness to give, share and take the real life opportunity to connect in a caring a positive way is the first step toward a fulfilling this lifestyle goal. Isn’t it time you shared a Fresh Fruit Basket?

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Gourmet Food and Wine said...

People are increasingly seeing gift giving as an opportunity to connect - I agree and we are all seeking something more substantial than flowers.

Submit Your Australian Stall to the Online Markets said...

Connection and genuine meaningfulness makes all the difference when sharing a gift with valued family and friends.

I particularly liked how you singled out the idea of letting resentment and a generalised feeling of loss fall away in order to make the most of a giving opportunity.

Bravo, another stellar performance.

Christmas Yippee! said...

Not long now until Christams and we are pround to announce the launch of our new range, drop by and copy what we have done - there is plenty for you to learn...

Baby Kids Markets said...

Mums sell their gently used baby and kids goods at very reasonable prices and it's a fun way to grab some amazing bargains while recycling at the same time.

Your welcome - drop by sometime.

Total Gourmet said...

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