Order A Christmas Hamper Online

steps to buy best christmas hampers in 2013

Three insider tips to get the best results when you order a Christmas Hamper online.

Insider's Tip # 1

Can I get this hamper locally at Officeworks or Myer - if the answer is yes, go and buy it locally. 

Usually they have a big discount the closer to Christmas you get so you can realistically be looking at anything from 25% to 70% Off for in-stock, off-the-floor hampers. 

But remember, they are nothing extraordinary and you can tell immediately that they are from a discount superstore.  And if you're obsessed with low price, and couldn't possibly pay for delivery - this is your best bet.

Insider's Tip # 2 -

If you need to send many hampers out across Australia, to various destinations, choose a store that offers FREE delivery, or a single $8.50 delivery for the whole consignment.  This is simply unbeatable and you will make up for any lost or damaged items by claiming extra hampers to be sent out and if there is any mix ups with delivery.

Free delivery can amount to $1000 or more on a diverse delivery to mulitple destinations, and for a $2000 order, that is nearly saving 35%.  I know it makes no business sense at all to offer FREE delivery except for safe metropolitan deliveries, so take advantage of this offer before the hamper business disappears.  I know of insiders who have switched hamper companies each successive Christmas and still have not paid for delivery to this day. 

buying a great xmas hamper in 2013
Insider's Tip # 3

If you actually are looking for a quality, authentic hamper, filled with unique, regionally relevant food and wine - and trust that your recipient will value these points of difference.  Then - well, there's really only one choice - a brand established in 1988 and still nationally recognised as an indicator of prestige, handmade products and careful classic styling and presentation.

Hunter Valley Hampers.

You're invited to share our work with your friends, family and business colleagues.  Just don't expect free delivery or discount prices filled with discount store products.


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Fruit Hampers Delivery said...

Just the idea of sending some fresh fruit over to my friend who was laid up in hospital with a bung knee was enough to make me smile. Didn't help her much - so yeah I forked out the $59 and she was stoked - called me to say how thankful she was. Great idea - thanks for tipping me off. ;)

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