Mens Gift Ideas Not Expected

Mens Gifts Ideas Off the Mark       

With the best intentions and for all the right reasons, research suggests that when it comes to picking the right gift, men are still not delivering.  According to an article in the Sunday Telegraph, December 29, 2013, Men are “still getting things wrong when attempting to choose the perfect gift for their other half.”

The article notes that a staggering “42% of women return presents from their significant others as soon as they can” – which is quite an indictment on the ability of men to choose meaningful and appropriate gifts for their partners.  As an indicator of what men really think that their partners want, it demonstrates that men are out of touch with their partners and have simply no idea of what is currently in demand.

As a gift hamper and anniversary gift specialist, I appreciate that men do make some brief investigations into finding the ideal gift, but the search is often short and unrewarding simply because there is a dearth of relevant material out there.  In other words, men have a bit of a look around and then give up and resort to the old fall back of perfume, flowers or gift cards.

But it isn’t all bad news – just under half the respondents (45%) of the survey noted that they had to return the items bought for the present due to incorrect size or colour.  This is great news as it supports the idea that although the minor details may be wrong, the general thought and style was nearer to what the recipient expected.

Another big factor in buying a birthday present online is choosing a product that is for the household – like a steam cleaner or vacuum instead of a personal intimate gift for the person.  Men seriously blunder in this area, thinking that a new piece of equipment will be appreciated when in fact it is just that – a new piece of equipment.

When searching online for birthday gifts and presents delivered to work, people in Australia are just coming around to the immediacy and freshness of an artfully arranged fruit basket.  Unlike in the United States, where Fruit Baskets and Fruit Hampers have an established widespread appeal, Australia is an emerging market for designer gift baskets and hampers.  Many men would do well to choose a well thought out fruit hamper as a birthday gift for women instead of wondering which size to buy and whether or not this would offend her.

Next time you are looking online for a women’s gift or present, remember to consider the fresh fruit appeal of a fruit hamper and how sharing dew-fresh fruit direct from the markets in a wicker basket with your personal message (we can even help with writing your message!) is sure to make a smiling impact on delivery.  Oh, and you can be 100% certain that your partner will not be bringing the fruit basket back for an exchange because she did not like it!

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