Sending Gourmet Hampers to Australia

Sending Gourmet Hampers to Australia

Sending a Gourmet Hamper to Australia? Have a friend or relative you want to impress with fine taste of the region gourmet food and wine? Here are a few things to consider so your hamper arrives at your recipient’s Australian address exactly as you intended.

Affiliate Programs. When you are ordering from overseas and you are sending a gift basket to Australia, you might be tempted to order through your local gift basket company, who will then forward the order through an international affiliate program. Whilst this is acceptable, it means your value for money is being seriously eroded before the Australian Hamper Business even gets your order. Simply because the affiliate who takes your order and passes it on usually takes between 10% and 15% of your money upfront as a referral fee.
Affiliate program members. Whilst many affiliate program members are reputable and have good records, too often they will send out a budget, on special gift basket filled with “similar to” items and substitutions to your recipient. This means what you originally ordered has been changed to suit the affiliate company’s stock and may well be vastly different to what you intended.
Order modification and adjustment. As noted above, there is little you can do to control what substitutions go on, and by the time your recipient receives the hamper it is too late to make any adjustments. So again it is not exactly what you wanted to send.

Ideally, you want to choose the exact make up of your gift basket and send what you pay for, not something that has been tricked up for you thousands of miles away. It is recommended to seek out a gourmet hamper company direct in Australia like , who can cater for your unique circumstances and promise to deliver your gift basket exactly as requested.

To make a sensible choice, it is wise to make your search engine query very specific and detail some of the products you would like included. Of course include Australia in the query, and aim to choose a real website attached to a real gourmet gift basket company, not a high ranking affiliate program.

As an example, to send a unique taste of regional gourmet foods, it would be worthwhile typing in a particular wine region, or a particular geographical region where you would be sending the hamper. Again, be wary of local affiliate programs as you are just as likely to end up with an affiliate gift basket from outside the region with some key products from the region.

As a final note, it is always worth your while to type in specific terms into your search engine and look beyond the top page rank sites. Often there will be a boutique gourmet hamper business on the second or third page that specialises in hampers and gift baskets, not search engine optimisation or webpage design. These are the ones you want making your Australian gifts.

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