Seven Tips for Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Seven Tips for Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day. Thinking of an appropriate gift for your father is like trying to find that lost sock in the bottom of the washing machine – you know it is out there somewhere, but you can’t for the life of you find it. And yes, the sock pun is intended, and as useful and appreciated as they are, socks just no longer cut it for a meaningful gift. Here is a handy guide of seven tips to find the perfect father’s day gift idea.

- Go for Handmade.
Every Father is touched by the authenticity of a handmade gift and will forgive blemishes and faults as they are a part of the handmade manufacturing process. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate creation – even the simplest handmade gift has the potential for lasting sentimental value.

- Get the Children Involved.
Recruit the children or grandchildren and set an achievable goal for them to help making a gift idea. Again, the combination of hand made and children makes this gift a certain stand out and one to remember for years to come.

-Go Natural.
Favour natural products and ideas over plastic, metal or technology. For calm and peace of mind, a natural gift can range from a plant or seedling for the garden, or an outdoor furniture piece, or an excursion to a favoured outdoor destination for a walking date. Natural ideas are simple, clean and inexpensive, so keep this in mind for a relaxing gift idea for father’s day.

-Go Fresh.
Fresh has an immediacy and now impact that lends a sense of occasion and urgency to Father’s Day – he has to use it today or soon to benefit from the gift. This does not mean flowers, although I can understand some fathers’ may appreciate a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, but instead a fresh fillet of fish, or a freshly baked cake, or a “valid for today only” voucher to accompany your father on day trip to the beach or bay. The tip is fresh air, outdoorsy, now and today.

-Go Local.
Here we are recommending keeping in touch with your local area. Go for lunch at a local restaurant, spend the day watching your local footy team, visit your local farmer’s market, or drink a bottle of your favourite local brew. Instead of spending your gift money at the large superstore, support a local business and your local community by buying locally and explain this to your father when you hand over the gift.

-Go Personal.
Take your favourite photo of your father and yourself and have it printed on canvas board so it has the texture of an oil painting. Give your father a personal remedial massage voucher for a home massage. Find your Father’s favourite movie or book and get it in the latest re-mastered format. Keep the gift focussed on him and don’t lose sight of it having a personal immediacy and relevance for maximum impact.

-Go Gourmet.
Every father loves being exposed to new tastes and varieties – even the most closed minded father would enjoy a different cut of steak or flavour of sauce for his steak to try as a gift idea. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a little as breaking routine and age old prejudices is sometimes achieved by a small gesture like a fathers day gift.

Seeking the ultimate gift that ticks all seven tips for a unique Father’s Day gift idea? Try a Gourmet hamper delivered to your father, as natural, fresh, personal and handmade. For a full guide to gourmet hampers and some samples of what gourmet hampers look like, visit and follow the links for suppliers in your area. Finally, your father may be able to say goodbye to socks as a father’s day gift forever!
© Brendan P Murphy

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