If you happen to spill any of the red wine in your hamper, here are some tips on removing red wine from your carpet. While these methods have proven effective in individual cases, they may or may not work in all situations. If you have any reservations, contact a professional cleaning company.

[note: these methods only work on fresh spills treated quickly/not old dried stains]

White Wine Method (preferred method)

1. Blot up as much of the Red Wine as possible.

2. Pour inexpensive white wine around the perimeter of the spot, working inward to the center (to keep the red wine from moving in an outward direction). The white wine should neutralize the red color, making it clear.

3. Blot up the liquid; repeat if necessary.

Salt Method
1. Leaving the spot untouched, pour regular table salt over the entire spot until there is a 1/4″ or more of salt around and above the spot.

2. Let the spot completely dry (the salt soaks up the wine), which can take up to 24 hours, at which point the salt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
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Delighful assistance required after sharing a merlot with the merino carpet.

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