Sometimes in the thick of the action, things happen, and you have to say something to paper over the cracks....
“That’s funny because I was thinking it looked swollen.”
“It’s OK, remember I said I was a Dr.? '

"Don’t get it wet? Is that thing a gremlin? “

“Come on, it’s really that expensive?”

“It was a bad call, I’ve never seen it get angry & bite before.”
“OK so you’re right it isn’t waterproof. You can’t be right about them being out of print also, can you?”

“The fact its rolling on the floor is a good sign – it gives us hope.”
“Why? I couldn’t see from where I was, that’s why. Maybe it’s the Zoo that needs to change their attitude.”
“Yes, clearly that was too much weight.”
“Yes - it’s now stuck! It looked smaller before I started & put it there."

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