OK, here we are sharing the Top 7 Tips for Gift Hampers to keeping your costs low and making for maximum value and visual impact on delivery when sending food hampers and wine gift baskets to friends, family and clients to save money and make the whole process easier and less time consuming.
Create Your Own Hamper - Visit a website that lets you decide exactly what you want to put into your hamper. A great way to control the cost of your gift, as these sites will let you remove items if you see that your hamper is becoming too expensive.  If in doubt give a great regional supplier like Hunter Valley Gift Baskets, like 1300 284 684 and discuss what you exactly want, from experience, they are reliable and more than willing to go out of their way to accommodate your needs....
Hampers need not be Massive - You are giving a very nice gift in the form of food items. Where does it say that hampers have to be huge? It doesn't. So, select a variety of items that relate, but keep the quantities down to a minimum. Remember, it's the thought that counts.  A few Premium Gourmet items are far preferable to a mumble jumble of big boxes filled with preservative filled imported food that has travelled half way around the world and is months old.

Alcohol is not Vital - Sending a gift hamper does not require alcohol. This will keep your hamper costs down and there are plenty of luxurious treats you can fill a hamper with that are more economical. If you want to send a drink, why not send a non-alcoholic drink instead?

Only send Hampers within your Country - Delivery costs are usually added at the end of your purchase. But if you want to send a hamper to another country, the costs increase considerably. By sending hampers only within your country, the costs are not increased. If you need to send a hamper to another country, select a hamper company from that country first.  There are affiliate links but they take out a percentage of your order.  Type in gourmet hamper australia and the country name to find a reliable supplier.

Don't send Hampers on Weekends - Delivery charges are quoted for Monday through Friday deliveries, because that's when most courier companies deliver at the most affordable rates. If you would like to deliver a hamper for a Saturday delivery, you will pay dearly for that convenience. Keep deliveries to weekdays and save.
Don't pay for a "Personal Message Added" - To have a personal message added to your hamper, this should be a free service, which includes a free card. Some companies will even have your message handwritten on a greeting card. It just adds that personal touch, which recipients like.  Trusted companies like Hunter Valley Gift Baskets and Hampers include a handwritten card at no cost.  It is these small touches that separate us from the inferior others...

Are the Products Value for Money? - Looking at the items put into hampers, have they won any food awards - like the local produce at Hunter Valley Hampers has? Top quality fine foods always receive awards. Quality food companies enter fine food competitions often because winning means more sales. It's your guarantee that the food in your hamper tastes as good as it looks.

With so many choices on the internet these days, it really pays to shop around and see what sites have to offer. Each are quite different and if you take the time to go past the first page of your Google search, you will find that it was well worth your time.
Gift Baskets and Gourmet Hampers Call 1300 284 684


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