Some Confronting Things About Blogging

Some refreshing and honest insights into the world of blogging. My thoughts are added in italics.
Most of the tips about blogging and everything that people say about it is very supportive of the wonderful online world of weblogs. Whether you like it or not, aside from all the amazing tips on just how good blogging can be for you, there is also the negatives, what people always try to hide away and never discuss. These negatives can turn blogging from the amazing angel, we bloggers think of it, to our absolute worst nightmares, affecting our lives, the way we think and worst of all others.

Here are the top five things people don’t like to discuss about blogging, and they don’t do it, simply because its the truth. That's right - too often comments are bland, pats on the back and do not offer any realistic insights or frank discussion.

No one will ever be there to support you
No matter how hard you try, the same people who read your blog currently will not be there to read your blog in the next few years. It’s a sad truth, but people fall in and out of blogging all the time, you can never build up strong relationships with your readers and expect them to stick by you forever. I wish it were true, but people lose interest in blogging and find better blogs to follow, no matter how hard this may seem, its entirely true and one thing that is never talked about or discussed. So thanks for dropping by but don't think I'll tell you my whole lifestory cause you'll just keep moving on like the Littlest Hobo.

You will always hate your blog design
Its a known truth that the blogger is always the one who hates the design, that’s why so many new templates are released, people can’t accept what they have and are willing to work with. Countless times people have contacted bloggers asking, “Why did you change your blog design.” There original design was fine, they simply are never happy with what they have.

The obsessions is impossible to break away from
Blogging can become very, very obsessive, you may think that a few tweaks here and there on your blog design and a few new blog posts doesn't mean much, all those precious minutes you may spend doing this can turn to hours, all that time wasted. There are much more important things you could be doing with your time than tweaking your blog template or checking your blog statistics.

It will get in the way of your life
There’s no way to deny it, but blogging seriously can become the controller of your life. If you delve to far into it, you may end up no longer planning blogging around what you do in the day but rather what you do in the day around blogging. Blogging is incontrollable and when you let it take over your real, out of the internet life, that’s when its gone to far.

Your writing is public
If your even considering having a successful blog then everything you write has to be public. Although this is not really something that people don’t want to know about when it comes to blogging, people don’t ever spend the time to actually think what making your writing public, means. Publicly writing, has many sides to it. If you write with humour attached to your posts, then you might offend someone and be held responsible. Another problem can be work related. How would you cope if your employer found blog and started reading it and it had offensive material or information about you? Your blog is an open portal that people can and often will, use against you.

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