Three Tips for Buying Christmas Hampers,

Important things to consider when Buying Christmas Gift Baskets, with thanks to my friends in Alabama at Pecans

1.Never be afraid to request for customizationor what we call Create Your Own at Hunter Valley Hampers. You may not believe this, but most of the companies specializing in Christmas gift baskets are quite open to discuss and adjust the items replaced or add other items in them. If they are not, you may feel entitled to raise your eyebrows - Just make sure you give your request ahead of time and that you are willing to pay the extra fee for items added, or that you are OK with the substitution.

2.Be practical. When you choose gift baskets, make sure that the basket itself can be useful even if after the items have been consumed. The container you may use can be a decorative wooden box, a tin can or wicker baskets. Don't be fooled into thinking that a collection of products in a cardboard box is good enough - baskets and hampers are established traditions for a reason and it is not some new concept to be sending a gift without it. Gift baskets made of wicker are guaranteed to last long since they are made from rattan, the material used in some furniture.

3.If it is possible, try to look for Christmas gift baskets that are put together only when you do the purchasing. This is better than those ready to go gift baskets, .ike you may find available at ridiculous prices at discount shops. You can never be sure of the expiry date on pre-packed hampers, as you simply cannot see it until you open it. To be guaranteed fresh, locally made food and wine items locally made right here in the Hunter Valley Wine Region of New South Wales, you can't go past the quality, affordable gift baskets.

Call 1300 284 684 for help and assistance or for a good chat about what you have in mind for your Christmas hampers and Xmas Gift Baskets. Since 1988 we have been getting it right.

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