Create Your Own Hamper Gift Online

Never before have we been able to offer the opportunity to create your own hampers online. You see, it is such an easy thing to do, although there are a couple of handy hints and tips to consider to ensure you make the best choice.

1. Window Shopping (imagine wandering through the Hunter Valley Markets)
Browse across our website at Hunter Valley Hampers.  You will find a wide selection of Unique to Region Hunter Valley Products, from local Gresford Chutney to Methode Champenoise Sparkling wines.  We have personally spent hours driving across the Hunter Valley and meeting the local suppliers and Market Stalls so we have access to the finest quality local gourmet produce.

2. Trust what we do, We have been in business since 1988.
Sometimes, you may have the perfect arrangement of products but there is something missing or misunderstood.  Please call 1300 284 684 before you make your decision.
Often we can make some minor changes or personalise your hamper so it fits your budget.
Sometimes it is as simple as adjusting the portion size of the product in your hamper! 
Like 500gm of honey; we can save your bottom line or meet your corporate budget with a more compact 150gm jar, with a saving of over $4.60 per hamper - imagine this across your selection to meet your budget!

Hunter Valley Hampers and Gift Baskets ship out dozens of handmade gifts each week. 


Corporate-Hampers said...

Thanks for your commitment, we love sharing links with our fellow gift hampers suppliers.

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