New Gift Tags For Hunter Valley Hampers

Gorgeous Gifts Tags Available soon like this one
Searching for the perfect gift hamper is a passion of mine and i trawl through dozens of sites worldwide each week to keep up with the latest innovations and techniques to ensure our Gift Baskets are of international standard.

Perhaps I  am not giving too much away to concede that one thing that has let us down in the past has been our gift cards.  Certainly the copperplate script of the hand written message is impressive and personal, but for a truly ethereal experience with  some handmade magic, we are trending towards hand printed cards inspired by the love of nature from the romantic era.

Stay tuned as we complete our supply arrangement with our new bespoke gift cards and be ready for an even more hand made experience when you choose Hunter Valley Hampers.


Pam Brown said...

These tags are gorgeous. I read about your blog on the Gift Shop Magazine Forum.

Fruit Baskets said...

Thanks Pam, I was amazed when we found them. They match our branding perfectly...

Gaye from the Hunter said...


although your choice of tag image will be appealing to many, I would like to suggest that realistically "a gift from Nature" it does NOT represent, as a nest with three unattended eggs is more than likely a 'dead' nest, as the bird will incubate her nest while her partner provides her with food.

To most out there who don't consider the details of Nature, it probably won't be of importance, but if you are promoting your hampers tagged with this chosen image, I thought you might like to know that the image does not ring true with your chosen accompanying words.

I am not criticizing, but simply sharing knowledge.