Corporate Gift Giving

OK, so you have responsibility for the upcoming Corporate Gifts for the Conference, Event or Success Meeting?

Do you look forward to this or see it as another PA chore where all you can expect is a cursory nod and maybe thats guy from accounts goes "yeah, the promotional umbrella was great when my car broke last winter."

Want something a little left of the middle, featuring premium quality items, that people will actually open and share?

Well, unlike the big three, Hunter Valley Hampers is proud to be number seven, and we are not lowering our standards or product integrity to get market saturation.

Since 1988 we have been used, off and on, by probably most of the largest Corporations in Australia. That may be a pretty big call, but I was going through our sales history when we were moving warehouse and it is not far off the mark.

You might want to ask "Well why don't you have pages and pages of the logos of all the firms you have supplied to and details of the jobs and reviews?" Well the answer unfortunately is simple - we used to, but we had to pull it down. Why? Because the businesses featured on our Client list were bombarded by our big three competition, and offered loss-making incentive deals to switch to our competitors.

Which, naturally, they did, even though many corporates still maintain links with us, and our contacts send through the spam emails they receive from the big competition. It's a very cut throat operation, this Corporate Gift Business!

Anyway, here's the point of this article.

We are totally restocked and ready for business! We are brimming with Hunter Valley Foods, Wines and Condiments; We have re-stocked our wooden boxes and display cases and wine hampers and they are all sitting here glistening in plastic wrapping! Just screaming out to be shared as Corporate Gifts.

So, here's our opwn little incentive from the Number 7 Corporate Gift Specialists.

When you place your order for $1500 before May 30 2011, we will send you a private (no-one need ever know) bottle of Moet Champagne. We'll call it our little incentive so no-one need know why you campaigned extra hard for Hunter Valley Hampers at the presentation - let's just say you liked the chutzpah of the little guy!

So go for it and don't forget to mention this offer when you order. Otherwise it stays a little secret!


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Gifts Wrapped Newcastle said...

Thanks, it is such a fickle market - especially frustrating when clients all of a sudden up and leave just for the sake of some "loyalty" they feel obliged to an inferior competitor who has been bugging them for business at a networking group.

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