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Buying a Christmas Hamper in 2012 is often a question of price point.

Let me explain how this can set you up for failure.

When you are responsible for a Corporate Order and you are solely concerned with pricepoint, or negotiating a winning discount, you miss the whole point of the process.

Here's why.

Never forget, a real hamper is a genuine authentic hamper and there's no two ways of looking at it. 

A hamper is a collection of products displayed in a basket and presented as a visual experience. 

A hamper is not a box full of products. 

Let me repeat that - a hamper is not simply a box, (no matter how brightly coloured or heavily decorated with bows), filled with products.  That is not called a hamper, it is called a box filled with products.  Are you getting the picture?

So be mindful of why a box filled with products is cheaper and less expensive to deliver than a genuine authentic handmade hamper.  There is a difference and discerning customers know this.  Good Luck with your Christmas Order!


Christmas Gift Box Ideas said...

So important when you are looking for presentation and maximum visual impact. I agree - nice blog.

Hunter Christmas Basket said...

There is so much out there in terms of boxes and stuff - I much prefer the classic authenticity of a gift basket! And so do my friends at the croquet club!